Vastu Tips – What You Must Follow

  1. Square or rectangular shape mirrors are best.
  2. Place mirrors, wall clocks, glass showpieces and decorative items (that may reflect light) on North or East walls only.
  3. Ensure that all the mirrors are at least 4 to 5 feet above the floor.
  4. If you have a fish aquarium at home, then make sure that you keep it in the North or East direction. A fish aquarium is another beautiful and powerful tool in vastu shastra. If used as per rules and guidelines of vastu, it attracts wealth and happiness; otherwise, it becomes a major source of negative energy. Read vastu tips and guidelines to use fish aquarium for attracting success and harmony in your life.
  5. Keep the television in South-East portion of room. Make sure to cover the TV screen whenever the TV is off.
  6. Keep a dressing table with a big mirror by the side of bed as it’s considered auspicious.
  7. If your home has a cut in any corner (a significant vastu defect) then placing mirrors in that direction eliminates that defect. Place two mirrors in apposite arrangement, touching the floor.
  8. If there is a beautiful landscape outside your window, then place a mirror opposite to that window such that the landscape is reflected in the mirror. This ensures that the positive energy and the beauty of the landscape are replicated inside your home which brings in more positive energy and bliss.
  9. Placing a mirror reflecting a dining table symbolizes doubling of food and attracts wealth.
  10. Placing a mirror in front of cash locker attracts more and more wealth. Aha, and talking of attracting wealth, you must read 21 vastu tips that you MUST FOLLOW to attract wealth and money (Specially Selected).
  11. A common vastu defect is having a wall at the center of a home, to eliminate this defect you can place a mirror to correct that defect.
  12. If you have mirrors in bathroom then make sure they are never in dark.
  13. If you have something in your home which has negative energy in it, then place a mirror in front of that thing. The mirror will suck all the negative energy from that “thing”.